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Sometimes girls have a hard time dealing with their parents. Sometimes it seems like someone switched on the light switch on the wall and a light came on and your relationship with your parents CHANGED in an instant.
Some people believe that girls get along better with their fathers and boys get along better with their mothers. I think you'll agree with me though, that there are some things that you can talk to your mother about and other things that your father understands better than your mom!
A girl's relationship with her father is very important. Below.... I am listing a number of pages on other sites within the emotional feelings network of sites where it talks about the importance of the father-daughter relationship!

father - daughter relationship tidbits!
the affirmed page @ emotional feelings...

We all have issues. If you are adopted or living with just one of your parents or even with a foster family or a relative because something happened to your parents you may have feelings inside you of emptiness or abandonment. I understand these feelings. Some of you might be living with both parents and still feel the same thing because you are so disconnected from your parents. There are some places that you can read about this within the emotional feelings network of sites.

the emotional feelings site:
the feeling emotional, too site:
the children 101 site:

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